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About OTA

Established in early 2019, Old Town Atwater is a Downtown-based organization in the Heart of Atwater, CA; carrying a sole mission -  To inspire infinte positive change through restoration & projects within the immediate community of Downtown Atwater. From preserving our unique history, to forming new community-centered opportunities, only capable through the hard work & dedication of the men, women and families of this association who are just like YOU!

The History
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The projects of inspirations

Our active reach stretches as far as (but not limited to) the Atwater city boundaries. From clean-up projects to developing new local interests, come see just how we continue to enhance the community experience together!

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Interested in becoming a vital force of the downtown community while representing your city? Through monthly Member Meetings & Ambitions Activities, Old Town Atwater and its Members strive to enrich the Heart of the City of Atwater & beyond!

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Understanding our Community & History

Now a century in the making, the City of Atwater continues to embrace its small town features, with a community like no other, amongst the best cities to live within California, since its inception in 1922. Learn more below...

It all starts here!

From inside Old Town’s Immediate Boundaries; located within Winton Way, Atwater Boulevard, First Street & Drakeley Avenue, We consist of just what the name says we are, the Old Town of Atwater's Historical Downtown spectacles & Businesses.

History; contemporary.

Although the City of Atwater officially became a Town in the year 1888, it wasn’t until nearly 35 years later, the Old Town Atwater Association would come to be, in 1922. This would be the same year Atwater finally became an Incorporated City, Elected its first Mayor - George Bloss, and witnessed the opening of the Atwater Cash Grocery

Today, the Future has never looked brighter!

As we set eyes onto the future, we have so much to be thankful for from this town that just keeps on giving. There is nothing like the City of Atwater, California; and Old Town Atwater is always proud to be a part of this journey. This Town has been, and always will be, a community effort worth the some of the greatest potential this State has yet to see! 

Still Curious?

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What type of organization is Old Town Atwater

Old Town Atwater is a Non-profit 501(c)(3) Organization based out of the Downtown Historical district of Atwater, California. We focus on revitalization & expansion projects to benefit the immediate community. We prove support to not only our downtown businesses but the ever expanding Atwater marketplace.

When will the Ice Skating rink come back?

We look forward to seeing you this winter 2022 and you can come back to this web page for future updates as we near the season!

How long has OTA Been around?

Old Town has been around for 99 Years as we are coming up on our First Century Anniversary!! Our Birth Date is 1922

Where Exactly within the downtown area is your Association located?

We currently do not have a dedicated Old Town building designated for Member meetings, yet we continue to make the best work with our resources as we do improvise with each other to operate in each others' establishments.

How many members are currently a part of OTA?

We currently have nearly two dozen dedicated members. As operations expand, so will available member positions. Please continue to check back with us if you have applied previously.

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